ICA’s HIMSS12 Experience

ICA unveiled its new approach for delivering a comprehensive interoperability platform to the healthcare market that is vendor agnostic, rapidly deployable, affordable and easily trained.  The approach consists of five (5) volume modules to meet specific short term needs of the majority of IDNs, hospitals, physician practices and communities while providing a foundation for growth to meet the future complexities of risk bearing organizations.  Each volume is designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations and bring immediate value and return on investment.

The overall solution is designed to assist healthcare provider in:

  • Reduction of re-admissions and emergency department returns
  • Coordinating care transitions
  • Managing the referral process
  • Sharing a common care plan among care team members
  • Developing team based chronic disease management programs
  • Collaborating on other specialized care delivery teams


CareAlign® CareExchange – provides a standards-based interoperability platform for the transfer and storage of IHE and Direct Project protocols.  It includes patient matching, provider registry, healthcare internet service provider (HISP) capabilities, and audit functionality for source-to-source transfer of healthcare data.

CareAlign® CareConnect – provides a secure, clinical communication channel for sending, receiving, acknowledging and responding to patient specific information.  It includes the ability to attach both standards-based documents (CCDs, CCRs), as well as non-standard medical documentation (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) in a secure, auditable platform with portal access.  Hospital-based discharge and encounter summaries are also available with automatic notification of the patient’s physician.

CareAlign® CareCollaborate – provides the combined functionality of CareExchange and CareConnect adding additional clinical integration points within the acute and ambulatory settings, as well as additional workflow tools such as a longitudinal view of the patient, work lists, flow sheets and reminders.

CareAlign® CareMeasure – provides an analytical engine to turn clinical data collected through the exchange process into useful data at the point of care.  It includes disease dashboards, bio-surveillance, ad hoc and standard reports through an intuitive, easy-to-use portal.

CareAlign® CareManage – provides additional data feeds from administrative and claims based systems to enhance the risk management capabilities of a healthcare organization.  It allows risk stratification, advanced disease management and population-based targeting capabilities.

In addition, ICA demonstrated the extreme testing center, ICAetcICAetc is a robust IHE and Direct Protocol environment available to vendors across the industry to test end-to-end data transfer transactions on a continual basis free of charge.  The registration, set-up and configuration is Web-based with support from the ICA integration team.